A Little About Our Past      

 Thank You from the family at Kirkland Sod for all the years
of dedication and support to our company. Without all our loyal
customers we would not have made it this far, and for that
we Thank You and may God Bless You!

Kirkland Sod Incorporated was started in Davie, FL  by Jack and Mabel Kirkland
in the early 1950's. The elder Kirkland bought three 100-pound bags of bitter blue
sprigs, a variety of St. Augustine, planted it in a field and began harvesting it a year later.

The sod industry was much different from today. Sprigs used for planting were
separated by hand and planted by hand. Fertilization was done by walking with
handheld broadcasters. Harvesting was done with a long handled tool or with a
small gasoline powered walk-behind harvester. The sod, cut into slabs, was then
pitch-forked up to a worker where it was hand stacked on a flat-bed truck for
delivery where it was off-loaded in much the same fashion.

The Kirkland family moved to New Smyrna Beach, FL in 1956
where the sod business was continued in the fast developing area near
Daytona Beach, FL. Acreage was cleared painstakingly slow and planted.
They catered to the individual homeowner who needed as little as one piece of
sod as well as the contractors and landscapers needing thousands of square
feet of sod.

Today we still operate our business as honestly and fairly as our grandfather
did in the beginning. We are now working on the fourth generation to take the
company into the future. We still cater to the individual homeowner requesting as
little as one piece of sod as well as the professional contractor and landscaper.

Through our father's knowledge and experience from many years in the sod
production business, we do our best to ensure a quality product when it reaches
you. Our sod is cut fresh to order only and delivered promptly with informational
brochures to aid you in the care of your new lawn.

To be able to supply a quality product involves many steps along the way. We
begin by adjusting the soil ph if needed, planting the area with a sprigging
machine, compacting the planted sprigs, keeping it irrigated as needed, making
use of regular fertilization with specially blended fertilizers, rolling it to compact
it for good root development, keeping it mowed to also encourage root development,
spraying for unwanted grasses and weeds to keep it as clean as possible
and finally harvesting it.

We  grow four varieties of St. Augustine:
Floratam, Bitter Blue, Palmetto, and Seville