Homeowners Can Use Turfgrass Sod To Repair Problem Lawns

            Although you won’t find a listing for “Lawn Patches” in your local Yellow Pages there is an economical way homeowners can easily repair areas of dead grass in their lawn.  Unbeknownst to many homeowners, turfgrass sod can be purchased from many garden centers, nurseries or sod farms in rolls or strips as small as one square yard. With a sharp knife, a straightedge shovel, a stiff bow rake, and a fair sized board homeowners can make immediate lawn repairs.  Here are the simple steps:

 1.            With a sharp, large-blade knife, cut around the dead area, using a thick board as a guide to ensure straight cuts.

 2.            With the straightedge shovel scoop out about one-inch of soil and the dead grass up to the newly cut edge.

 3.            Rake the bottom of the area where the grass was removed, perhaps adding topsoil to raise the level to within an inch of the existing grass.

 4.            Measure and cut one or more pieces of newly purchased turfgrass sod to fit the repair area and lay it in place.

 5.            Push the new sod down by walking across a board placed on top of the sod.

 6.            Apply water until it begins to rise to the surface or run-off, stop for an hour and repeat the watering process.

7.            Apply water daily for the next five to seven days.

Even smaller areas can be repaired just by cutting into the soil with a sharp knife and inserting a “plug” of new sod into the hole.  Most grasses will spread as they grow, thus filling in the area between the new and old grass.

                        To locate a source of turfgrass sod in your area go to www.TurfGrassSod.org and click on “Turfgrass Sod Producer.”